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El Suero suavizante diario de açai es un protector de peinado único que alivia, acondiciona y desenreda al mismo tiempo que protege el cabello del peinado térmico y del daño ambiental. Un exclusivo Complejo de Súper Nutrientes de Brazilian impregna el cabello con una rica fuente de aminoácidos para ayudar a fortalecerlo y reconstruirlo mientras retiene la humectación y elimina la humedad. El resultado final es un cabello radiante suave y sin frizz. Protección contra el espectro completo de rayos UVA/UVB


This made my hair feel oily. I am going to keep trying with less product

Just OK

September 13, 2020 by Denise

I love the way my hair feels with Brazilian Blowout. Controls fly away hairs.

Great product

September 1, 2020 by Customer

This stuff is amazing!! Immediately turns frizzy hair silky and smooth!!

Love this stuff!!

September 1, 2020 by T Up

Best smoothing serum around, miracle in bottle.

I love this stuff, I use it on every client and myself

August 31, 2020 by Alicia

Great straight and shiny hair

Received compliments

August 13, 2020 by Ellen Seremba

I use this before I blow dry my hair and it helps keep it smooth!

Great product!

August 13, 2020 by Brittany C

smells good and good quality

Little pricey but good quality

August 3, 2020 by Bishoy

This is the best! Absolutely love this product! I have really thick hair and it doesn’t weigh it down at all! Highly recommend

Buy this product!

July 1, 2020 by Teresa

I have fairly curly hair and was looking for a new conditioner when a friend recommended this to me! Needless to say, it is worth every penny! I use it as recommended on the bottle and it truly has helped me unleash the true curliness of my hair! The scent is amazing and it works very well! I would recommend this product to all curly girls!

This product is incredible!

June 30, 2020 by J. Thomas

Great stuff

Keeps the frizz down

June 15, 2020 by Customer

My wife loves this product. She has a long hair that makes it difficult to comb all the way to the end due to entanglement of strands. After applying this product, her hair has become so smooth & silky!

Noticeable smoothness!

June 12, 2020 by ManOfWar

Smooth hair

It makes hair smooth and easy to manage. I notice a big difference when I apply it after hair washes than when I don’t.

March 22, 2020 by Customer

Does a good job of smoothing

I've bought this a few times, lasts a while. Smooths and shines hair and not greasy. It's not cheap, but I guess worth it.

February 22, 2020 by Customer

Silky and smooth

I always left my hair dresser's with smooth silky hair. . . finally she shared what she put in it so now after washing my hair I can have silky, soft smooth hair -

February 16, 2020 by Eddie

Don’t pass this up!

If your hair is processed with color you need this! This product has saved my hair. I use it every single day and it keeps my hair silky soft.

February 7, 2020 by Joel H

The best smoothing cream!

I have thick frizzy hair, and this is the only smoothing cream that actually takes all the frizz out, and it doesn’t make my hair feel greasy. I’ve gone through several bottles of it...it is the only de-frizz cream I use. The best!!

January 7, 2020 by Clorinda

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Freaking Amazing I had to buy more because I use everyday and definitely prolongs the Brazilian Blowout! You won’t regret adding this to your daily hair routine.

December 30, 2019 by Denise

It does smooth curly frizzy hair, but in humidity hair will still curl.

Really smooths my hairr.

December 30, 2019 by Customer

Great smoothing product

I use this after almost every washing. My hairdresser says I can use it on my dried hair as well for styling but I generally use it for detangling and styling while I dry. Been using it for years and love it!

December 29, 2019 by Me

Perfect for curly hair!

Love this product!! Perfect for keeping my curls smooth and manageable.

December 9, 2019 by Erin S